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With the RC-NEXUS HYBRID, a new, innovative model paraglider has been developed that elegantly combines almost all the advantages of high performance and single skin paragliders. This glider does justice to its attributes HYBRID and high performance not only by the technology, but above all by its novel flight performance. The aim was to develop an extremely safe high performance paraglider, which can be mastered with maximum safety by "non-professionals" with maximum performance, climb and glide performance under the most varied conditions and in the most varied flying areas.

The RC-Nexus HYBRID is our most versatile high performance glider to date. The innovation of the Hacker HYBRID technology is due to the clever ratio of DoubleSkin to SingleSkin cells as well as to a new high performance profile.

Anyone with advanced experience with model paragliders will love this model. Especially when he likes to fly his model like a high performance glider should fly. High speed range, soaring on the slope edge and large thermal flying even in demanding and highly critical areas extend the range of application of the RC-Nexus HYBRID. Strong thermals, rough turbulences and also strong winds, as for example in the high alpine mountains, are no challenge for the RC-NEXUS HYBRID but beloved terrain. The high speed spectrum is also a great strength of the new paraglider. The RC-NEXUS HYBRID reacts particularly well to the use of the accelerator on the A-line level with a speed increase of approx. 20-25 % and thus expands the field of application even further. Simpler handling, extreme folding resistance and ingenious opening behaviour in the case of rattles make this glider a highlight in the hangar, not only for professionals.

If you know how to control an advanced paraglider, the RC-Nexus Hybrid is the right choice. With appropriate instruction, e.g. at our many free FlyPerfect hacker trainings and meetings, the RC-NEXUS HYBRID is also suitable for beginners after approx. 3-4 hours of training. Despite its large wingspan of 4.33m and a designed area of 3m², the RC-NEXUS HYBRID can be flown with a gondola, trike or pilot dummy weighing as little as 3kg. This simplifies handling immensely. Here you can fly with the conventional Robin and harness (with metal cage), as well as with the large harness XXL.

Technical Data:
  • Wingspan designed: 4.33 m
  • projected span: 3.37 m
  • area: 3 sqm
  • projected area: 2,51 qm
  • Aspect ratio: 6.25
  • Number of cells Double Skin: 26
  • Number of cells Single Skin: 10

Box contents
  • Umbrella complete with linen/carrying straps
  • transport bags

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