FM-ELECTRICS XL Military Truck 1/10 with tilt functio 8X8 all wheel

Product number: 9785007
Manufacturer number: FM803-A


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Description "FM-ELECTRICS XL Military Truck 1/10 with tilt functio 8X8 all wheel"
The FM803-A with tilt function is a robust and very faithful replica of a US American military 4-axle truck.
The FM803-A is equipped with all-wheel drive. The power transmission from the large 550 engine is via metal drive shafts.

The 2 steering axles are controlled by 2 powerful 9Kg metal gear servos.
The truck is enormously off-road and yet fast ! With 20 Km/h it races through stony ground, water and mud!
With completely waterproof electronics, high quality drive elements and an impressive driving optics and dynamics it is
a completely successful vehicle!
The chassis is made entirely of zinc-aluminum.

- Tipper fully functional
- Axles are manually lockable
- The chassis is made entirely of metal
- Roof can be abgenoimmen
- 2 gear shift with metal gear servo
- Ultragrip rubber tires
- Separate receiver in the car

- ESC:320A esc
- Motor:550 brushed motor
- Servo:9KG digital
- Size:740*218.5*242.5mm
- Wheelbase:128 x 258 x 128mm
- Track width:218,5mm
- Wheel size:111mm
- Wheel width:38mm

Necessary for operation:
- Batteries for transmitter
- LiPo 7.4V or NimH 7.2V battery with 3000 - 5000 mAh and charger

Technical data
Engine Type: Electric
Drivetrain: 8WD
Scale: 1:10
Length (mm): 740
Wide (mm): 218,5
Rec. engine: Includes
Driving Experience: Beginners
Build Skill: Beginners