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The ORACOVER® AIR Adhesive is used for the optimum bonding of film webs in airship and blimp construction.

If possible, THIN should be applied to both sides of the seam area, which is ironed at approx. 70° - 80° C after drying.

We have the right adhesive for every area of application. Our liquid adhesives are used to make wooden surfaces particularly "iron-friendly". They penetrate into the wood and stick unstable fibres of the surface to the substrate. This prevents these fibres from tearing off when exposed to wear and tear, which is usually the cause of wrinkles. Since the torn fibres are glued to the adhesive layer of the film, the adhesive is blocked, even a new ironing does not really solve the problem, as the film shrinks but the adhesive blocked by the torn fibres can no longer properly adhere to the substrate.
The liquid adhesives are identical to the corresponding adhesives of the respective films. Therefore, the adhesive that corresponds to the film is always used. The adhesive consumption is approx. 20 g/m² based on the dry substance. It is important that the adhesive is completely dry before covering to prevent incompletely evaporated solvent residues from evaporating and forming bubbles during ironing. If our adhesives dry slightly in opened cans, the adhesive can be adjusted to brush viscosity again with the appropriate dilution.

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