RC4WD Gelande II Truck Kit incl. 2015 Land Rover Defender Chassis

Product number: 9780854
Manufacturer number: RC4ZK0064
EAN-Code: 0639302607763


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Description "RC4WD Gelande II Truck Kit incl. 2015 Land Rover Defender Chassis"
Experience the versatility and advanced design of the G2 for yourself. Packed full of capability, the G2 is ready for any challenging condition. Put your off-road driving to the test and see why the G2 can easily maneuver extreme descents and climb with ease.

The G2 is built with quality materials and craftsmanship like the R3 single speed transmission providing power down to the transfer case and out to the Yota II Axles.

The G2 comes with a 4 link rear and 3 link panhard bar suspension as a standard feature. The chassis mounted servo is out of view for a more scale appearance.

The G2 is completely versatile and can pull off many looks and styles. With the countless options available, RC4WD let's you customize your G2 exactly how you want without sacrificing performance. From emergency and expedition vehicles to daily drivers and hard core rock climbing rigs, the core of the G2 is built for the true off-road enthusiast!

Are you ready for your off-road experience?

  • Custom Designed for True to Scale Looks
  • Realistic Aluminum Ladder Frame Chassis
  • R3 Single Speed Transmission
  • Center Mounted Realistic 4x4 Transfer Case
  • Yota II Ultimate Scale Cast Axles
  • 3 Link Front and 4 Link Rear Suspension
  • 1.9" Stamped Steel Beadlocks W/Lug Nuts
  • Super Grip Dirt Grabber Tires
  • Chassis Mounted Steering servo
  • Plastic Fuel Cell Receiver Box
  • Dual Spring Oil Filled Shock Absorbers

The G2 features the 2015 Land Rover Defender D90 Body Set. The custom 4 door Defender body has an awesome assortment of scale details including mirrors, door handles, vents and grilles to match the 1:1 vehicle.

It’s officially licensed with Land Rover with opening side and rear doors and hood, the 2015 Land Rover Defender D90 Body Set is the most scale replica in the market.

The body features a full detailed interior, seats, opening center console, plastic and rubber mirrors and a detailed dashboard. It's all here to bring your scale experience to a level.

Comprised of over 100 parts, the 2015 Land Rover Defender D90 Body Set features a full detailed interior. Fold-down rear seats, gear shifter, handbrake and detailed dash. It’s all here to bring your build to next level

The crisp lines and subtle details are all captured. Functional light parts are included as well as colored lenses for all signal lights. All lamps can be illuminated with an optional RC4WD LED light kit.

Technical data
Building Skill: Fortgeschritten
Chassis: -
Drivetrain: 4WD
Driving experience: Beginners
Engine Type: Electric
Length (mm): 275mm Radstand
Rec. Engine: 540er Crawler
Scale: Land Rover
Version: KIT
Width: 1:10
Width (mm): 213
Box contents
  • RC4WD Gelande II Kit w/ 2015 Land Rover Defender D90 Hard Body Set