ARRMA Notorious 6S V5 4WD BLX 1/8 RTR Blue Stunt Truck

Product number: 9780507
Manufacturer number: ARA8611V5T2
EAN-Code: 5052127038843


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Description "ARRMA Notorious 6S V5 4WD BLX 1/8 RTR Blue Stunt Truck"
The NOTORIOUS™ 6S BLX Stunt Truck 4WD in 1/8th scale unleashes unprecedented action with backflips and wheelies in its unique style. The 1950s body offers more than just good looks with its matt blue or matt black finish. The exclusive ARRMA® "Real Steel" effect is a real eye-catcher and only gets better with hard bashing. The more scratches your stunt truck gets, the more realistic and spectacular it looks.

From its heavy-duty front bumper to short wheelbase chassis and rear wheelie bar, the NOTORIOUS™ 6S BLX 4WD is built to make you look like a stunt superstar. The stiff roll cage and underbody resist everything you throw at them and can't get enough of. Whether it's long, steep wheelies... tight, fast doughnuts... standing or flying backflips... huge jumps... the NOTORIOUS™ 6S BLX 4WD can do it all... and more.

To make such stunts possible, ARRMA ® engineers have given the NOTORIOUS™ 6S BLX 4WD a brushless drive system with Spektrum™ Firma™ 150A Smart controller and Firma™ 2050Kv brushless motor. Unleash incredible torque, acceleration and speed with this combination, and the heavy-duty aluminum and steel chassis and transmission components turn everything into pure action. For improved steering, ARRMA® now uses a new steel gearbox Spektrum™ S652 digital servo - which is 32% stronger and 5% faster than the previous version's ADS-15M servo. Thanks to the waterproof electronics, Bashen is also a must in wet conditions like snow and slush. All you need is a 4S or 6S LiPo of your choice.

The ready-to-run stunt truck now comes with a 3-channel Spektrum™ SLT3™ transmitter and Spektrum™ SR315 dual protocol receiver. The ergonomic design of the transmitter is perfect for many hours of fatigue-free bashing and features a foam steering wheel for precise control from the fingertips and an improved handle and trigger. New drivers can limit the throttle to 50 or 75% until they feel ready to use the full potential of the buggy. The SLT3™ transmitter is compatible with Tactic® SLT™ receivers, so you can use it to control other RTR vehicles you may already own. It also has a third channel that allows you to control additional functions such as lights or winches on your models.

Since the SR315 receiver can use SLT™ and DSMR® protocols, you can easily upgrade to a Spektrum™ DSMR® transmitter later - then download the free Spektrum™ Dashboard™ app for your cell phone and take full advantage of the smart telemetry functions already available in the Firma™ electronics. With it, you can see real-time data on the controller temperature, receiver voltage (BEC), voltage of the drive battery and motor speed.

The adjustable 16mm aluminum oil-pressure shock absorbers and shock towers absorb shocks and bumps as you ride your NOTORIOUS™ 6S BLX 4WD Stunt Truck over dirt, tar or grass. The robust stunt truck rims are already fitted with multi Terrain dBoots® BACKFLIP™ tires, which give you the necessary traction for flips, wheelies and spins. The powerful spoiler with high contact pressure keeps the truck on the ground. Everything on the NOTORIOUS™ 6S BLX 4WD helps keep you in control even at breathtaking speeds.

To withstand the immense power of the brushless drive and the hard stunts, ARRMA® uses a reinforced and anodized aluminum chassis as a base. A central body support, aluminium support in the middle and plastic side panels give additional strength and robustness. Metal differential outputs and gears and durable steel driveshafts help the heavy-duty powertrain withstand the toughest bashing and extreme stunts. The backlash-free aluminum servo saver and the secured ball heads give you more precision and reliability and therefore more confidence in the steering.

ARRMA® reduces maintenance times to a minimum thanks to the efficient and driver-friendly concept of the NOTORIOUS™ 6S BLX 4WD. A motor carrier slide allows quick and easy access to the motor. The central differential is easily accessible and can be removed by loosening just five screws.

- Ready-To-Run
- Spektrum™ SLT3™ 2.4GHz 3-channel transmitter
- Spektrum™ SR315 Dual Protockoll 3-channel receiver
- Spektrum™ S652 Digital Servo
- Spektrum™ Firma™ 150A Smart controller
- Spektrum™ Firma™ 4074 2050Kv Brushless motor
- Stronger chassis design
- EXB compatible front strut
- Heavy-duty front and rear wishbones
- Shock absorber bridge rear
- Larger waterproof receiver box
- Anodized aluminum chassis
- Strong plastic side parts
- Central body support for even more robustness
- Internal roll bar
- Spoiler with high contact pressure
- Wheelie Bar
- Adjustable oil pressure shock absorbers
- Black anodized shock absorber bridges front and rear
- Durable steel drive shafts
- Heavy-Duty Drive Train
- Metal differential outputs and gearboxes
- Backlash-free red anodized aluminum servo saver
- Secured ball heads
- Removal of the central differential with only a few screws
- Motor carrier slide for quick access to the motor
- Wheel hub nuts with O-rings
- Super-long wheel hubs for extra strength
- Robust Stunt Truck Rims
- Multi-terrain dBoots® BACKFLIP™ Tires
- Body with "Real Steel" effect for even more realism
- IC5® connector (EC5™ compatible)

Technical data
Antrieb: 4WD
Building Skill: Beginners
Chassis: -
Engine Type: Brushless Elektro
Fahrerfahrung: Fortgeschritten
Length (mm): 540
Scale: 1:8
Scale: -
Verwendung: OFFROAD
Width (mm): 461
recommend Motor: included
Box contents
- ARRMA® NOTORIOUS™ 6S BLX 1/8 Stunt Truck 4WD RTR
- Spektrum™ Firma™ 150A Smart 4S/6S controller (installed)
- Spectrum ™ Company ™ 4074 2050Kv Brushless Motor (installed)
- Spectrum ™ S652 Metal gear unit Digital Servo (installed)
- Spektrum ™ SR315 3-Channel Dual Protocol Receiver (installed)
- Spectrum ™ SLT3™ 2.4GHz 3-channel transmitter
- Instruction manual

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